Historical Places

On May 7, 2014 at 6.00 p.m. in the conference room of the Center for Urban History Kateryna Honcharova gave a public lecture entitled "Historical Places in a User-Friendly Format: Lost in Translation".

The lecture was devoted to the United States’ experience in searching for new approaches to solving fundamental issues of cultural heritage preservation.

The fate and place of sites in the modern urban environment is recognized as a result of communication between many stakeholders. An active participant in this process should be the urban community, through which material media retains its memory and its identity. However, in the dynamics of change, the sense of history, authenticity, and relationship is often ignored or distorted. The positive experience of the U.S. in dealing with crises, the involvement of the community in preserving cultural heritage, and the cooperation and partnership with the "laymen" can become a kind of "road map" for the Ukrainian professional community in solving urgent problems.

Kateryna Honcharova - PhD, heads the sector of historical and bibliographical research at the institute UkrNDIproektrestavratsiya, gives lectures in the U.S. to promote awareness among experts on the protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine.