New - Old

On December 13, 2013 at the Center for Urban History a public lecture was given by Viktor Zotov, founder of the architecture firm Zotov & Co., organizer of the international architecture festival CANactions on the subject "GENUINE - FAKELESSNESS: New – Old". 

"The architect-artist in Ukraine today is dangerous. The city becomes hostage to occurrences, emotions, aesthetics. Beyond the 'beautiful' shell there is no content, process, life. The most important is responsibility. To do no harm. To the city, nature, future. Through the analysis of the situation, of another's positive experience, through countless options, competition. To reach the right decision." 

Viktor Zotov is an architect, the founder of the architecture firm "Zotov&Co", which opened in 2004 in Kyiv. Zotov & Co. specializes in architectural and urban construction projects, focusing on world trends, in the first place on modern European architecture.