Arts and Education Program for Children "Home of My Dreams"

From November, 2011 through May, 2012 the Center for Urban History held classes for children as part of the "Home of My Dreams" artistic-educational project. The program ran in conjunction with the "Home. A Century of Change" exhibition at the Center.

From an early age the child imbues the concept of "home" with multiple meanings. "Home" is the child’s family, and the building in which she lives, it is the furniture and everyday things that surround her. The objective of "Home of My Dreams" was to elicit inherent knowledge, to encourage children to draw analytical conclusions from presented material, to develop perspectives, and stimulate the children to try on the role of builders of their own "dream homes." The classes stressed the ethical, esthetic, cultural, and artistic aspects included in the concept of "home." Considering the age of the audience, the theoretical material was presented in simple forms, through schemes, images, and interactive teaching.

Each three-hour class included:

  • An introductory lecture, which discussed the concept of "home" in various contexts (in the form of interactive games and an electronic presentation)
  • An "exposure"/immersion segment: visits to the "Home: A Century of Change" exhibition; screenings of "home-themed" animated films
  • An "art" component, allowing the children to express their creative potential, and create their own “dream home” using artistic means. 

Classes were taught by:

  • Khrystyna Boiko. A graduate of the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv with a degree in Culture Studies and Art History, her research interests focus on contemporary Ukrainian art. She teaches art history for children.
  • Costume designer Andrii Sendetskyi and art historian Oleh Boliuk, Ph. D. 

Classes took place every Saturday at the Conference Room of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.