Public Lectures by Bohdan Shumylovych

Throughout 2009-2010 the gallery "Dzyha" and the Center for Sacred Art at the Ukrainian Catholic University, on the initiative of various Lviv enterprises, organized a long-running program aimed at the general public entitled, "We discover the world of art."

This project included a cycle of educational lectures, which touched on urban culture and architecture throughout the world, and in this context, the artistic uniqueness of Lviv. Bohdan Shumylovych, scholar of art and research associate at the Center for Urban History, gave several of the lectures. 

In the first cycle of lectures in 2009 the following thematic meetings took place at the Center for Urban History:

  • The Birth of Art: A History of the Beginnings (25 March 2009)
  • Art: History of an Understanding (22 April 2009)
  • Psycho-physiological Laws of Visual Comprehension of Art (20 May 2009)

In the second cycle in 2010 Bohdan Shumylovych gave lectures on the following topics:

  • From Ancient Tragedy to Abstract Painting: The Paradigms of Artistic Culture (19 May 2010)
  • From Cinematic Avant-garde to Intermediia (29 September 2010)
  • Abstraction in Media-Art: From Simplification to Complication (27 October 2010)

Bohdan Shumylovych gave an overview of the significant works of the cinematic avant-garde of the first half of the 20th century and analyzed the various elements of film language used in collage art and video art of the 1960s. He also discussed various genres of media art and the characteristics that unite media art with traditional art.

The lectures were accompanied by showings of the following works of avant-garde cinema:

Entr'acte (1924), directed by Rene Claire (France)
Adventure of a Good Citizen (1937), directed by Stefan and Franziszka Themerson (Poland)
Venom and Eternity (1951), directed by Isidore Isou (France)
Selected works of Stan Vanderbeek (USA)
A la mode (1959), 7 minutes
Breath of Death (1963), 15 minutes
Poetic field Number 2 (1966), 6 minutes

A showing of video-works from the collection of the VRO Center in Wroclaw

Piotr Wyrzykowski - Beta Nassau [PL, 1993], 9:49.
Andrzej Dudek-Durer - Cemetery [PL, 1993], 7:45.
Woiciech Doroszuk - Dissection Theatre [PL, 2006], 10:01.
Robert Arnold - Echolalia [US, 2003], 2:57.
John Smith - Frozen War [UK, 2002], 11:32.
Maciej Toporowicz - Obsession [PL, 1993], 3:44.
Lorenzo Oggiano - Quazi-Objects / Cinematic N.07 [IT, 2006], 4:38.
Jan Verbeek - Osmotic [DR/KR 2006], 3:13.
Igor Krenz - Life of Things [PL], 4:20.
Telcosystems - Scape_Time [NL, 2006], 8:21.
Krzysztof Filip Tomaszewski - Spectrum [PL, 2005-2007], 6:20.
Wei Liu - Hopeless Land [CN, 2008], 7:16.