Educational Platform

September 1, is a good beginning for educational initiatives. It is symbolic that for us, it is also the start of a new project. With support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, we establish an educational platform to address cultural heritage "The 20th Century City Through the Prism of Digital Age."

Ministry of Education and Science continues the reform of education in Ukraine. This year, the change will be not only about the primary school, but also about the middle and high school. It is the first time that practical classes will be a separate structural unit of the curriculum. Acquisition of necessary competencies (critical thinking, problem formulation and posing questions, discussion skills, empathy) will be a primary choice when studying the subjects in history, law, literature, or artistic culture.

Key task of the educational platform is to provide school teachers and university lecturers with practical materials and recommendations to teach the 20th century history and culture through the lens of local stories and micro histories. Digital tools (interactive maps, multimedia stories, documentaries, and storytelling) will help educators and their students learn history and culture of the 20th century in a multidisciplinary and multi-faceted way. The online resource will include approaches to formal and informal education based on the outcomes of the Lviv Interactive project. Besides, our colleagues have already started the process of making a similar interactive map of Kyiv. 

We hope the materials would help articulate the new topics within the available curricula both for educators, and for museum people, tour guides, cultural operators, and art people. 

Moreover, the project plans to develop three pilot blocks:
  • Block "City and Everyday Life" 
  • Block "City and Personal Experiences of War" 
  • Block "City and Art on the Edge" 
The blocks include research work, accumulation and digitalization of information, development of visual and textual narratives, and producing methods guides for their implementation into the educational process. 
More about the blocks and persons developing them will be updated later.