City on the Line

Interactive Map of 1918 Lviv. Presentations for Schools and Libraries

We invite teachers and pupils, schools, libraries, formal and informal educational institutions to virtually explore important events of Lviv from one hundred years ago. Change of governments, conflict, interaction, everyday life, and symbols – these are the five lines running across Lviv in November, 1918. These are the perspectives suggested by the interactive map "City on the Line: Lviv in November 1918."

In addition to the subject lines, we find it important to discuss with teachers and pupils any opportunities for employing digital tools in history learning, and the ways to apply them during the learning process.

The Interactive map enables understanding of the lines of interaction between people, events, and phenomena. When the topic is transferred into the format of digital encyclopedia on the 19-20th century history of the city, we could trace the continuity and disruption of various lines in Lviv from the perspective of brief but pivotal weeks in November, 1918.

The map engaged invited researchers: Nazar Kis, Liliana Hentosh, Maryana Baydak, Oleksandr Losev, Stepan Bilostotskyi, and Viktor Venglevych.

We can offer varied formats for cooperation, such as talks with teachers, presentations, and conducting a "history class" within the space of the Center for Urban History or during school lessons.

For more details and for registration, please, contact the coordinator for education programs Khrystyna Boyko (