Other Lviv

Pupils and students are invited to join the theme-based tour along the exhibition "A Key to the City:  Three Ways of Visualizing Jewish Heritage in Lviv". The tour around the exhibition focuses on the "Underworld" story, an incredible dramatic story of the Chiger family and other Jews who survived in the Holocaust hiding for over a year in Lviv sewers.

This is a story about "another Lviv" present within the space of the present, the story about places, streets, and routes that could tell much more than a textbook chapter. A talk as a way to visualize one of the most horrible events of the past century, opportunity to see history through places and spaces of the city.

In 2011, a film about these events came out "In the Darkness" nominated for Oscars.

During every meeting, we shall consider age peculiarities of participants, and teacher’s recommendations.

The tour is planned for children and teenagers aged 10~16

Tour duration - 45~60 min
Free admission.

For registration, please, contact the coordinator of education programs Khrystyna Boyko: kh.boyko@lvivcenter.org.ua

Exhibition by Rachel Stevens "A Key to the City:  Three Ways of Visualizing Jewish Heritage in Lviv" present three projects that show varied aspects of Jewish heritage of Lviv, such as commemoration of liquidation of the Lviv ghetto and of Janowska camp 75 years ago; an incredible survival story of 11 Jews in the sewers of the city, and a map of 100 Jewish sites of Lviv. The topics are presented in different formats and use different "languages" of narration about the Holocaust and memory in the city. An art installation, a storytelling, and a digital map reveal new opportunities and perspectives to include Jewish history sites into the present-day space of Lviv.