On June 9, 2018, at 7.15 pm, welcome to the talk "Mapping. Experience of Projects Using the Methods of Jam Factory Art Center and the Center for Urban History".

The event takes places as part of the Urban Workshop in the City Hall courtyard.

Welcome to talk together about formats, objectives, approaches, and pitfalls in implementing project that employ mapping tools. A view on the methodology from two different perspectives and experiences – educational programs for young audiences as illustrated by the project "All Will Be Sykhiv" (Center for Urban History) and the project for collecting stories "Tell a Story" (Jam Factory Art Center). 

Partners in Conversation:
Natalia Otrishchenko, researcher and sociologist, Center for Urban History.
Mental maps: imagination and everyday life in the city
The framework for using maps in research, art, educational, and participatory projects aiming at recording memories, perceptions, experiences, or everyday functioning of the city. The methods are based on active engagement of narrators to creating visual material (sometimes, also to its analysis). Depending on the objective of the research, the map can be either reflecting city’s reality (such as, regular itineraries), or the desirable spatial transformations (such as, an ideal city or the city of the future); either specific features of the place (security, comfort, beauty, etc.), or its overall image. 

Bohdan Hrytsiuk – project manager, Jam Factory Art Center 
Experience of the project “Tell a Story”, the process and expectations.
The use of the method when collecting stories from citizens of Pidzamche about places that live in their memories, even though they may no longer be existent on the city’s physical map.

Khrystyna Boyko – educational programs coordinator at the Center for Urban History
Experience of using the method in educational programs of the Center for Urban History: objectives, formats, challenges, and outcomes. Focus on participatory approach, the process of engaging young people into imagining the space (based on memories about the past, deciphering the present and vision for the future), mapping as a tool for speaking through contested topics and concepts.

Moderated by – Oleksandra Davydenko – project communications manager, Jam Factory Art Center.

Leading topic of the Urban Workshop 2018 – increasing mobility of Lvivians according to the principles of integrated concept for city development, as well as preserving cultural heritage of the city while engaging local micro communities and establishing a dialogue between expert milieus and activists.