Play and Learn

Space at the Children Book Forum. 
"Far-Near City. Play and Learn" will take place on May, 10 (10 am – 6 pm) and May, 13 (12 am -3 pm) at the Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernika Str.).

Learn about the history of your city in play, actively and creatively – it is possible and important.

During the Children Book Forum this year, we will talk about our educational projects based on gamification methods and implemented jointly with children and teenagers. We will share approaches and tools we use. We are also looking forward to hearing from expert opinions of the young visitors, to engaging them into sharing ideas and creating similar products.

Theme focus: participation of children and young audiences in urban planning, game-based methods in history learning, oral history, history of everyday living.

Guidebook and City Game about the youngest neighborhood of Lviv "Sykhiv: Like and Share"

A game product as an attempt to rethink the city space in a gaming format, to learn more about the district and the city, to change the lens from traditional story telling, to introduce its elements and actors, and eventually to motivate to share responsibility for the city. The structure of the game is about exploring the space, architecture, and residents in a different, non-linear way, to show the dynamics of everyday life and practices that shape our experiences and perceptions of the neighborhood and the city.

For the Center for Urban History, it is not the first project based on similar concept. We have prior experience in developing board games, in running participatory projects for children and teenagers on urban planning, and in organizing events based on urban studies. We use the approach of an "expert young person" in our programs since we believe that if you instill the attitude of confidence with a young person that he or she are the co-creators of processes taking place in the city – we shall have a creative generation.

The game can be used as a fun activity among friends and as an educational format integrated into extra-curricular activities or into the school curriculum. We encourage teachers and educationalists to improvise and include new rules, elements, and materials into the game while raising new topics. 

The game set includes: a guide map; City Game "Details Matter" (ten play cards); Board Game with the elements of the city based on the "Dobble" game.

During the event, we suggest learning more about the game. We will be developing the scenarios for creating your own games together. We will share the tools to make a model of your own guide.

The event is meant for children aged 6-16, teachers, parents, educationalists.

Educational Platform "Live (Through) the 1990s"

Website developers (students of the first year of studies) suggest playing a game of history, composing and decomposing plots and stories, establishing links, tracing how the details can interact with the textbook history.

It is the history you will not be able to see on the pages of school text-books – it is live and relevant, contrasting and rough, absurd and truthful. You will not find any lists of dates, dry facts, global events and great men stories here. Instead, you will learn about the mosaic of personal stories, memories and plots that show the period of transformations of the late 20th century in detail. We would like to show history through individual/personal experiences when using family stories, memories and photo/video materials from the past.

Live(Through) the 1990s – is an educational platform on the 1990s in Lviv based on the project run by the Center for Urban History – Lviv Interactive

The stand will have two interactive screens you could use to test your knowledge of history of the 1990s "online" as part of the game. We will try to convince participants that history is not only about black and white but also about a variety of stories. We will try to show that learning history, the same as many other disciplines, can be fun.

The games are meant for children 10 years and older, their teachers and parents.