Near-Far City

On May 4, 2018, at 5 pm, on the occasion of celebrating the Day of the City of Lviv, welcome to the event "Near-Far City: Recent Histories of Lviv." It is the presentation of a game set "All Will be Sykhiv" and an open screening of films about Lviv from the archive collections of the Center for Urban History. 

The event will take place at Dovzhenko Cultural Educational center in Sykhiv.

Sykhiv is home to a great many Lvivians but it is rarely associated with the city usually perceived as a historical inner city. Let us celebrate the City Day together in order to bridge the gap between tourist Lviv and Lviv as a rich versatile environment with different neighborhoods interesting in their own way.

A series of such events is meant to promote and actualize recent history of the city through gaming tools, educational products, and film screenings.


5 pm – 6.30 pm
Public presentation of the game set about the youngest neighborhood of Lviv "Sykhiv: Like and Share"

Welcome to a talk on different experiences of Lviv, on imagining urban space and the history of individual neighborhoods through the prism of children eyes. The talk will focus on gamification and participation methods as tools to actualize the exploration of the past and present of the city, of shaping visions for development of its specific spaces. Gamification can be used as a method for research, teaching, improving urban space and establishing interaction between different entities. Most present-day challenges lie at the intersection of several domains and require bundled solutions. In order to reach them, we need to engage different actors and provide the framework for effective interdisciplinary work.

During the summer school "Sykhiv: Spaces. Memories. Practices" we pooled together the efforts of a team of children and residents of the neighborhood, and developed an alternative guide along Sykhiv. 
The basis for this material (from idea to its implementation) consists of the outputs of a group of children and teenagers aged 10-16 that reflect the vision of the past, present and future of Sykhiv through their own exploration and in cooperation with professional researchers and practitioners. Along with the project developers, we tried to rethink the urban space and to discover unexpected facts, to learn about the elements and creators of city life, and also to encourage to share responsibility for the city. The game can be an opportunity to explore the space and architecture, and to show the dynamics of everyday life in the neighborhood and in the city.

The game set aims at adults and children who live in the city, and anyone interested in learning more about the youngest neighborhood of Lviv, and interaction with it. The games can be used as fun activity with friends, and as an education tool integrated into school curriculum or extra-curricular activities. We encourage improvising and including new topics and rules into the game, to fill it with your own elements and materials.

Welcome to join the talk of representatives of educational establishments, parents, and residents of the neighborhood and the city. We would appreciate the feedback and experiences of those who had already had pilot lessons using the game set.

6.30 pm – 7.00 pm
"Play and Learn"
Play it! Visitors will have a chance to try the game.

7 pm -8 pm
[un]archiving – screening of films about Lviv from the collection of the Urban Media Archive

Preconditions for the Sykhiv as we know it today are coming from the processes taking place in Lviv in the second half of the20th century. Industrialization and active expansion of the city in the 1960-70s are closely related to a broader phenomenon of the “second wave of modernism.” It was the time to shape a vision for the new residential neighborhood that became home to hundreds of thousands of Lvivians. Watching and discussing the films about Lviv of the late 1960s – early 1970s will help taking a look on Sykhiv from a perspective of those times, and understand the origins of its present-day image.

You are offered to watch two films about Lviv digitalized from the archives.

The first film is entitled "Good Day of Lviv." It was filmed by Volodymyr Shevchenko and a Kyiv film studio Ukrkinokhronika in 1969. Director’s original idea was to show the city through the images of work and leisure of Lviv citizens. Music was an important element of the film, as it accompanies the visuals – it is a jazz experimental improvisation suggested by a young musician and composer Mykhaylo Manuliak.

Unlike the colorful view from the capital, the second film was made at Lviv television studio. The black-and-white film "Songs Above Lviv" is the last music film by a director Oleksandr Herynovych. It was made next year, in 1970. Commonly for the time, the music is also an integral element of the film. Despite glorifying the achievements of Lviv through socialist poetry, a romantic image of the city is a dominant focus of the storyline.

Film screening is part of the [un]archiving program of the Urban Media Archive aimed to promote and actualize the problems of heritage among the public. Watching and discussing films about Lviv of 1960-70s is meant to promote awareness on the city’s recent history as an important key to understanding present-day Sykhiv. Reflections and understanding of ideas related with the shaping of this part of the city, including also architecture, shall become the basis for residents to respect it.

The event is kids friendly. The space will have an area adjusted to the needs of the youngest visitors.

The event is organized jointly with the Department for Development of the Office for Culture of Lviv City Council, in partnership with the Dovzhenko Cultural Educational Center.