Sykhiv: Like and Share

Sykhiv: Like and Share
participatory summer camp for residents of the Sykhiv neighborhood aged 12-16, part of the education program "All Will Be Sykhiv" (August-November, 2017)

August, 14-18 (intense course)
August, 21-23 (work on the project)

Residents of Sykhiv aged 12-15

Children library branch №4 (vul. Borysa Antonenka-Davydovycha, 10)
Conference room of the Intercity shopping center (pr. Chervonoyi Kalyny, 62А)
"Krymska Perepichka" bakery (pr. Chervonoyi Kalyny, 62а, Intercity shopping center
Center for Urban History (vul. Bohomoltsia, 6)


Sykhiv is home to a large number of Lvivians but it is rarely associated with the city which is usually taken as a historical center in the first place. We are discussing different experiences of Lviv with its young residents through learning about the past, understanding the present, and projecting the future of the neighbourhood. We intend to offer to children and teenagers the tools for "imagining" and planning the development of their living area. It is supposed to stimulate their responsibility for the city and secure the space for discussion between the "child experts" and professionals such as architects, urban planners, historians, sociologists, etc. Along with the children, shall we consider Sykhiv as part of Lviv, an interesting and special area, "the youngest" of all.

The main goal of the project is to develop the vision for the future of Sykhiv together with children and teenagers with the help of their own research and joint work with professional scholars and practitioners to help diversify the image of Lviv and promote Sykhiv.

The program focuses on urban planning, development of private and public spaces, history and vision of the future of the neighbourhood. Participants study the past and the present of Sykhiv buildings. They research the actors and participants of the process of city planning, the dynamics of everyday life and practices, the generation of our experiences and perceptions of the area and the city. We also establish communication between different generations by collecting information about Sykhiv, including family photo archives and oral history. The program is an opportunity for participants to share their experience and jointly think about alternative ways of development and promotion of specific areas of Sykhiv. It all resulted in the visualization of projects of participants, development of an education product based on the previous study of Sykhiv spaces.

Education program "All Will Be Sykhiv. The Youngest Ones about the Youngest One" also aims to reduce the gap between Lviv touristic and Lviv as a diverse space with different districts peculiar in their own ways. We are also convinced that introducing the child-expert principle into the education practices is the right direction to bring up the generation of young people who can work with the urban space and are ready to undertake responsibility for the development and implementation of their own ideas.

Program structure:

The program of the urban camp includes 5 intense meetings and the development of the education product. Every day includes a theoretical part (meetings with experts) and a practical part (field research, workshops, city walks).

Expert support: Khrystyna Koliasa (architect), Oksana Demkiv (designer), Iryna Sklokina (historian), Sofia Filipchuk (illustrator), Ihor Levchenko (marketing expert), Volodymyr Beglov (radio presenter).

The program is part of the education project "All Will Be Sykhiv. The Youngest Ones about the Youngest One" within the summer school "Sykhiv: Spaced. Memories. Practices." "All Will Be Sykhiv. The Youngest Ones about the Youngest One" is an education program (summer camp and an autumn school) aimed to study the past and the present of Sykhiv, and develop visions for the development of its specific spaces.

Organized by: Center for Urban History as supported by The Department for Development of Lviv City Council

For more details, feel free to contact the education program coordinator of the Center for Urban History Khrystyna Boyko: 0972099267,