Urban Workshop 2016

The Center for Urban History has been jointly working with the project Urban Workshop for five years. This year, we keep implementing the idea of children participation in discussions of city needs, urban planning of the children friendly space and search for play-based forms of city presentation.

City Playing: Children In the City, On the City, About the City– it is a large project from the youngest citizens to be presented during this Workshop. It is one of the stages of the larger scale educational program for children and teenagers affiliated with the summer school Idea of the City: Reality Check to take place in the city of Slavutych early in July.

Idea of the Program

Together with children and teenagers, we try to consider the city as a body where different interacting processes intertwine. We would like to show the importance of every youngest citizen as an active co-author of those processes. The program is supposed to be an opportunity for its participants to learn more about the city, to share their experience and vision of city problems, and to jointly think of alternative methods to develop it. It is important and possible to take into consideration the opinions on urban space from the youngest generation. That is why the project is an experiment since we, as adults, plan to give into children’s hands implementation and course of the program. We are not making the project for children but we try to create the project by the children. It is important that the geography of the project covers two cities: Lviv and Slavutych.

Project Objective

We would like to create a platform to develop and create playing models and interactive forms so that we could talk about the city together: about its past, present and future, about complicated urban notions in simple forms and in simple words.

After June, 6, the platform of the Urban Workshop will turn into the space where young urban experts are going to work to create materials on the basis of classic tabletop games. Participants shall go through all stages from beginning to end on their own. They would collect information, process materials, search for game mechanics, select the most important things, and do the visualization together with a designer. The workshop shall result in the presentation of a series of games on the city (as illustrated by the youngest Ukrainian city of Slavutych).

We are deeply convinced that if you instill with a child confidence in the fact that s/he is contributing to the processes in the city, you get a creative generation. We would also like to declare that the city can be learnt about, studied and presented in interesting and entertaining ways.

Implementation of a larger project includes several stages. The Workshop program was preceded by the activity On Slavutych From Big and Small Residents collecting materials on the city of Slavutych.

Can you imagine that everything you wanted to learn about the youngest Ukrainian city is fit into the table games while children, the residents of the city, are telling you about all those things? In order to implement the idea, we encouraged young citizens to collect and submit information about the ‘other’ Slavutych: facts, photographs, landmarks and interesting buildings, citizens, family stories, events, unique personalities. In other words, they were supposed to collect everything that makes a city so peculiar for the youngest generation. All materials collected are needed to create educational board games in Lviv.

For the Center for Urban History, it is not the first project with a similar concept. We have experience developing tabletop games, projects for participation of children and teenagers in urban planning, organizing urban oriented events. The project in Slavutych is a brilliant opportunity to go beyond the ‘comfort zone’ of the city and share one’s experience and acquire it in joint work with children and teenagers from another city.

Classes will take place on June, 6-9, at 13.00-15.00, within the space of the City Workshop (showroom nearby the Porokhova Vezha (Gunpowder Tower), at 4, Pidvalna str.)

The program is intended for children and teenagers between 12-16 years of age.

In case of questions or suggestions feel free to contact the coordinator of educational programs of the Center for Urban History Khrystyna Boyko: 097 20 99 267, kh.boyko@lvivcenter.org.ua

To participate in the program, please, fill in the brief registration form.

Urban Workshop – is an open platform for CSOs, initiatives, city authorities and proactive citizens implemented by a Ukrainian-German project ‘Municipal Development and Renovation of the Old Part of Lviv’ (GIZ). The numerous activities include exhibitions, master classes, seminars, film shows, games for children, etc. The project is a platform in itself for the stakeholders, Lvivians, and visitors of the city for the common dialogue on the relevant topics for the city, such as restoration works and preservation of historical heritage, bicycle infrastructure, urban planting and landscaping, infrastructure for special needs persons, a.o. You can learn more about the program of activities here.