Children Program: Ketubbot

Ketubbot: "And they lived happily ever after ..."
from October 25 to November 22
Lviv National Art Gallery (Stefanika st., 3)

What is marriage in the Jewish tradition? What are typical Jewish family customs? What is a ketubah? What is a Sofer, mizrakh, Sabbath, or cartouche? What do concepts and traditions of Jewish culture have in common with the Ukrainian culture which existed beside it for centuries in modern day Ukraine? What can we learn, that is unique and unknown about the history and culture of Galician Jews, by studying their marriage traditions and customs?

We invite you to participate in a children's educational program in order to find the answers to these and other questions, to find out more about the Jewish family and to plunge into the world of their customs.

Nine ketubahs - Jewish marriage contracts - exhibited at the Lviv National Art Gallery, will provide the material from which through symbols, fonts, and styles; as well as through texts, patterns and ornaments, participants will learn about the history of Jewish marriage and family. During the classes, children will examine the ketubahs from different perspectives and in different contexts: as a work of art, as an important document in the history of Jewish communities, and as a memento of traditional Jewish culture.

During the discussions with children about Jewish marriage and family traditions we will refer to Ukrainian traditions, customs, and rituals in order to identify similarities and highlight the exclusive features of each culture. The program is designed to illustrate and provide information about our multicultural past when different ethnic and religious communities lived together and jointly created the cultural space of the city, the country and the wider area.

The classes will take the form of workshops which will include short presentations, discussions, creative assignments and games.

There will also be an interactive space during the exhibition which will allow children to further explore decorative works of art while their parents peruse the exhibition. The space is designed for children of all ages, and will be interesting for adults as well.

The program is designed for children aged 8-11 years.

The workshops will take place every Sunday from October 25 to November 22, from 1.00 to 3.00pm, in the exhibition space of the "Jewish Marriage Contracts: the Lviv National Art Gallery's Ketubah Collection" at the Lviv National Art Gallery (Stefanika st., 3). Participation in the workshops is free but does require advanced reservations which can be made by calling 097-209-9267 or e-mailing:
Spaces are limited.

Exhibition Currator: Vita Sustak, Director of 19-20th Century Jewish Art, Lviv National Art Gallery
Exhibition Designer: Vlodko Kostyrko, artist
Children’s Program Coordinator: Christina Boyko
Lecture Series Coordinators: Iryna Matsevko and Volodymyr Beglov


Center for Urban History
Lviv National Art Gallery

With support from the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine