Secrets of Childhood

The Center for Urban History together with the Borderland Foundation in Sejny organize Summer School Workshop "Secrets of Childhood / Misteria dzieciństwa”


July 15 - September 2

Summer School at the Center for Urban History: preparing for the trip, collecting materials, workshops, research.

September 6-16

Animation Film Workshop "Secrets of Childhood / Misteria dzieciństwa": a trip to the International Center for Dialogue, workshops, creating animations on the topic of childhood.

Animation Film Workshop

"Secrets of Childhood / Misteria dzieciństwa" in Sejny

A ten-day program of meetings for Polish and Ukrainian children and adolescents to jointly research and be creative. During these meetings, together with trainers, participants will create short animated films. The focus will be on the topic of childhood and the various elements that are in the world of childhood: fables, lullabies, games, sounds, tastes, colors, fashion, places and routes.

The workshop will be attended by young people from educational programs of the Borderland Foundation and Center in Sejny and participants of the educational programs of the Center for Urban History.

During the workshop, participants will learn to create animated films, write screenplays, and select music for the animation.

The activities will be conducted by experienced educators and artists who collaborate with the Borderland Foundation in Sejny and the Center for Urban History in Lviv - Bożena Szroeder, Wiesław Szumiński, Patryk Masłowski, Weronika Czyżewska-Poncyljusz, Roman Dzvonkovsky, Sofia Filipchuk, Khrystyna Boyko, Tetiana Popovych, Oksana Demkiv.

The project is geared toward children and adolescents aged 11-16 years who are interested in family history, urban history and are open to creative experiments.

Summer School-Workshop at the Center for Urban History

The autumn program in Sejny will be preceded by trainings of two groups of participants from Ukraine and Poland. Participants will research the history of childhood of three generations - their own, their parents, and grandparents, and work in various formats. We will share stories about childhood that are able to unite, stories that allow us to travel through periods and eras, stories that give us the opportunity to experience new feelings and understand ourselves and others.

Participants of the summer school will collect materials, conduct interviews, and recall one’s childhood memories. Since the participants will research childhood of three generations, it is important that they continually throughout the school talk with their parents, grandparents, neighbors, and work with family photos, memories, and artifacts. The summer school will also include workshops where participants will create using interesting techniques. Working with visual materials from the Center for Urban History (maps, photographs, oral memories) will help them to combine family history with the events that took place in the history of the village/city/region/country.

The meetings will cover the following topics:

"Dictionary of Childhood," "Sounds of Childhood," "Tastes of Childhood," "Superheroes of Childhood,"

"Games, Stories, Books," "Fashion, Clothing of Childhood," "Places, Routes," "Agenda."

The Program’s Trainers:

  • Khrystyna Boyko – coordinator of educational programs at the Center for Urban History;
  • Tetiana Popovych – artistic director at the Zbojishcha National Home;
  • Oksana Demkiv – teacher, artist-restorer, author of programs for children "ArtStudiya";
  • Sofia Filipchuk – artist, designer, illustrator;
  • Roman Dzvonkovsky – designer, videographer.