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Lviv as a Mirror
1 August 2013

Collection of Essays: Lwów: lustro. Obraz wzajemny mieszkańców Lwowa w narracjach XX-XXI wieku /Lviv yak dzerkalo. Vzayemnyi obraz meshkantsiv Lvova v narratsiiakh XX-XXI stolit. Sławistyczny ośrodek wydawniczy, Warszawa 2012. 188 pages.

This volume of essays is dedicated to the images, myths, locus and memory of Lwów/Lviv in literary fiction, history, and other narratives of the twentieth and twenty-first century.Preliminary versions of the texts that comprise the collection were presented and discussed at an academic conference, entitled: "Lviv as a Mirror: Mutual Images of Lviv Residents in the Narratives of the XX-XXI Centuries." The conference was jointly held in Lviv in March 2010 by the Center for Urban History and Warsaw’s Institute for Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The collection includes selected essays by Ukrainian and Polish participants of the conference. The volume was published by the Institute for Slavic Studies, Polish
Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Center for Urban History, and edited by Dr. Katarzyna Kotyńska. The volume was published in Polish and Ukrainian.

The collectionanalyzes the image of Lviv in literary texts written in various languages, in cultural texts, and collective memory. Particular attention is dedicated to mutual views and appraisals by various communities, as well as internal and external visions of imagined and declared "rights" to the city.

This is the first multifaceted interdisciplinary attempt by an international cohort of researchers (the authors include historians, literary scholars, and cultural anthropologists) to "measure" the distance between declared and real multiculturalism in artistic visions, historical narration, and everyday life.

The contents of the volume can be viewed here. The publication is available at the online bookstore of the Slavic Publishing Center,

The collection of essays is also available for reading at the Library of the Center for Urban History, in its "History of Lviv" section.