Public Outreach
The Center takes an active part in the contemporary life of the city. It initiates cultural and artistic events which open up new perspectives and innovative approaches to issues connected with the past, present and future. Outreach means strengthening the dialogue between the academic world and a wider public and thereby contributing to the creative use of the city's cultural potential.
Retail Development, 
Urban Regeneration, 
and Heritage
International Open Competition for Projects Reconstructing the Public Spaces of the Bernardine Monastery Complex in Lviv
Cinema of a Civil Protest: Discussion with the Directors of #BABYLON ’13
Interactive historical 
map of the Pidzamche 
district with voice, sound,
tactile, visual content
Workshop Dedicated to the Discussion of Ideas about the Economic, Ecological, and Cultural Potential
of the River in Lviv
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International Competition of Projects to Organize Spaces Associated
with the History of Lviv's
Jewish Community

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Presentation by Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski on Lviv Trade-Fairs, Exhibitions, Shops and Enterprises
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International Volunteer Camp of Students to Organize Christian and Jewish Cemeteries in Sniatyn
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