CfA: MEET UP! Project Pitching 2019
The aim of the programme is to intensify relations with Ukraine and to strengthen the active commitment of young people from Germany and Ukraine to fundamental democratic values and understanding between peoples. Existing German - Ukrainian youth partnerships and new initiatives will be eligible for support. It will also be possible to include Russian participants.

The programme supports projects aiming at bringing about changes for the environment of young people. How can young people strengthen their local activities? How do they bring about effective changes for their neighbourhood and societies?
The encounters should focus on projects with political, historical topics, German-Ukrainian relations, human rights or e.g. ecological topics. We also appreciate creative ways of expression, such as multi-media, music or theatre projects, films, websites, apps or networking meetings. Encounters of young artists, athletes, or other occupational groups can also be supported. 

The winners receive project grants amounting to € 2,000 to € 10,000.
Deadline for applications is February, 15 2019.

Ideas from German-Ukrainian tandems can be submitted from all areas that move young people in Europe and strengthen German-Ukrainian cooperation.

More information about the programme.

The program "Meet up! German-Ukrainian youth encounters " is financed by the Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation.