Stanford's Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program
Stanford's Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program is a 10-month academic training fellowship hosted at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. The program provides a unique opportunity to three mid-career practitioners working actively as policy-makers, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders of civil society organizations in Ukraine to visit one of the world’s leading research universities for an academic year. The objective of the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program is to strengthen fellows leaderships skills and bolster their academic foundation to address development challenges in Ukraine and across the region.

The Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program combines academic courses, faculty mentorship and community engagement to support capacity building and leadership development for program participants.

The program will have a project based approach to learning where fellows will identify an issue they would like to address and/or gain an indepth understanding of to apply once they return to Ukraine. Over the course of the academic year each fellow will have a faculty mentor who they will meet with regularly during their stay. Faculty engage fellows through guidance on their projects, coursework, discussions around challenges in the Ukraine and connecting fellows to the diverse Stanford community.

Fellows will have the opportunity to take courses at Stanford that help support their area of expertise and also provide them with an academic foundation to further their knowledge base. In addition, they will visit technology firms based in Silicon Valley to learn about approaches to different challenges around the world. During the final 6 weeks of the program, fellows will present their findings to the program faculty and the greater Stanford community.

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