Important academic institutions in Lviv

Ivan Franko National University
Founded in 1681 / 1784, Lviv University is the oldest of the nine state universities in Ukraine. Nearly 20000 students are currently enrolled, 1000 of them at the faculty of history.

Research Institute at Lviv National University, founded 1992, with a focus on the modern history of Ukraine and East Central Europe. Journal: "Ukraina Moderna". Director: Yaroslav Hrytsak. 

Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsia Institute
The institute was founded in 1957. It is a regional center for scientific projects. The institute conducts complex scientific research and develops restoration and regeneration projects of cultural and historic monuments of the western region of Ukraine.

Lviv Polytechnic

Founded in 1844 and today one of the most respected institutions of its kind, Lviv Polytechnical University is known for its department of architecture which has always been strongly involved in the field of Lviv architectural history and urban planning.

Ukrainian Catholic University

First Catholic university in the former Soviet Union, founded in 2002 on the basis of the re-opened Lviv Theological Academy. The UCU consists of five departments including a faculty of Humanities and Library.
Central state archive of Western Ukraine with records from the 13th century until 1945. Files of Lviv municipality, associations and press and the large holdings of the provincial administration of Galicia. More information in English could be retrieved from:

Regional (Oblast) Archive

Archive of Lviv Region (Oblast) with records from 1784 to the present. Important for Lviv history are among others the municipality files from 1787-1918, court files and records concerning the history of the university.

Stefanyk Library
Founded in 1940 and today part of the Academy of Science, the LNB contains rich holdings of books and manuscripts from pre-1939 libraries (Ossolineum, Shevchenko-soc.) and other private and institutional manuscript collections in pre-Soviet Eastern Galicia.

Austrian Library
Opened in 1992, the library focuses on Austrian literature, cultural geography and history (including Galicia). Presently the holdings amount to approximately 8000 books, journals and audio- and video cassettes. Regular cultural events.

Further Links to Lviv Sites

Official website of Lviv city administration with informations about ongoing political and cultural events and important links. Languages: Ukrainian, English.
Independent website about past and present of Lviv (economy / culture). Links. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Main site of the Polish society "Friends of Lwów" with articles and essays on the prewar history of the city and a strong focus on personal reminiscences. Links to journals and private sites connected with the Lwów diaspora. Language: Polish.
Private website dealing with "Polish Lwów" in past and present. Among other things a collection of newspaper articles and historical images. Language: Polish.
Well-known cultural journal with a focus on the history and identity of Lviv and Ukraine. Website-languages: Ukrainian, English, German, French.
Web-site and forum dedicated to events in political, economic and cultural life in Lviv, where you can find analytics and discussions about current problems and tendencies in the city. Languages: Ukrainian, Polish, Russian.


Institutions of Urban History

Prominent institute exclusively dealing with research, teaching and coordination of British and international urban history, located at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom). Director: R. Rodger.
The Center for Metropolitan Studies (founded 2004) is an interdisciplinary, internationally-oriented research center that attends to historical and contemporary questions on the subject of the metropolis.
Founded in 1970 at the University of Münster, this institute is mainly concerned with basic research and documentation of the history of German towns including larger serial editions, bibliographies and atlases.
Founded 1977 as a section within the Municipal and provincial archives of the city of Vienna, this institute mainly deals with the history of Vienna and Austrian cities. Publication of encyclopedias, atlases and the yearly journal "Pro Civitate Austriae".
A center for research, documentation and teaching on the history of Danish towns founded in 2001 by the historical institute of the University of Aarhus and other non-university institutions.
Founded in 1919 and today part of the History Department of Stockholm University, this institute focuses on research, teaching and community relations. Host of the 8th International Conference on Urban History in 2006.
Research institute at the Department of Humanities of the École Normale Supérieur in Lyon founded in 1982. Library, publications, events. Host institution of the XIXth international Conference on Urban History in 2008.

Multifaceted studying of urban history.
Historical and symbolical landscapes in Berlin and Budapest. 
A source for urban scientists.


Societies of Urban History

Established in 1989, the EAUH's main objective is to organize the biannual international conferences which provide a multidisciplinary forum for all those working on different aspects of urban history. The next conference will take place in Lyon in 2008.
Special section of the international committee of historical sciences (CISH / ICHS, established 1926) which is regarded as the global organization of historians.
Association founded in 2000 to promote academic exchange and cooperation between scholars and institutions of urban history in the German speaking countries.
Association founded in 2000 to promote academic exchange and cooperation between scholars and institutions of urban history in Italy.
Association founded in 2000 to promote academic exchange and cooperation between scholars and institutions of urban history in France.
International association of urban historians founded in 1988.

Journals and mailing lists on Urban History

Quarterly of urban sociology, urban history, architectural preservation and urban development, published since 1974 in the German language.
The first Ukrainian website for humanities scholars, conceived as a space for communication: among regional centers in Ukraine; among professionals form various countries and disciplines. The website contains academic texts from various fields of the humanities, abstracts of new books, academic news, full text versions of rare publications, as well as articles on the academic and university milieu in Ukraine.

Mailing list "H-Urban"
International English-speaking mailing list. H-Urban is part of H-Net.

Journal of Urban History (Charlotte / N. Carolina)

Journal of American urban history with some references to international urban history. Special editions twice a year.  
Urban History (Cambridge)

Leading journal in international urban history, edited by R. Rodger and associated with the Centre for Urban History, Leicester. Online version available.

Since 1972, the Urban History Review/Revue d'histoire urbaine has been the bilingual journal of Canadian urban history. Its aim is not only to further our understanding of Canada's urban past but also to be an organ for international urban history.
Urban Portal
The Urban Portal is an online hub designed to provide experts and non-experts easy access to current research and resources on urban issues. The Portal is a core project of the  U niversity of Chicago Urban Network, an emerging community of scholars and others that aims to spur innovation in the study of urban processes and to encourage interdisciplinary discourse in urban research, theory, and policy.