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Call #: LVHI.00069.BK
Published: Lviv, 2004
Ostrovskyy, Hryhoryy L'vov
Call #: LVHI.00070.BK
Published: Lenynhrad, Іskusstvo, 1975
White, Morton, White, Lucia The Intellectual Versus the City
Call #: UHGE.00071.BK
Published: New York, Mentor Book, 1964
Schlögel, Karl Moskau lesen. Die Stadt als Buch
Call #: UHRU.00073.BK
Published: Berlin, Siedler Verlag, 2000
Lees, Andrew, Lees, Lynn (eds.) The Urbanization of European Society in the Nineteenth Century
Call #: UHGE.00074.BK
Published: Lexingron, Massachusetts, D.C. Heath and Company, 1976
Kostoff, Spiro The City Shaped. Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History
Call #: UHGE.00075.BK
Published: New York, Bulfinch Press, 2004
Mumford, Lewis The City In History. Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects
Call #: UHGE.00076.BK
Published: New York, Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc, 1961
Schnore, Leo (ed.) The New Urban History
Call #: UHUS.00077.BK
Published: Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton UP, 1975
Ptaśnik, Jan Miasta w Polsce
Call #: UHPL.00078.BKR
Published: Lviv, H.Altenberg, 1922

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