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Stubbs, John H. Time Honored: A Global View of Architectural Conservation
Call #: PHUH.08585.BK
Published: Hoboken, Wiley, 2009
Caswell, Michelle Archiving the Unspeakable: Silence, Memory, and the Photographic Record in Cambodia
Call #: PHUH.08573.BK
Published: Madison, London, University of Wisconsin Press, 2010
Martschukat, Jürgen, Niedermeier, Silvan (eds.) Violence and Visibility in Modern History
Call #: PHUH.08563.BK
Published: New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013
Brown, Kate Dispatches from Dystopia: Histories of Places Not Yet Forgotten
Call #: PHUH.08557.BK
Published: Chicago and London, University Of Chicago Press, 2015
Stoler, Ann Laura Duress: Imperial Durabilities in Our Times
Call #: PHUH.08506.BK
Published: Durham and London, Duke University Press Books, 2016
Kidd, Jenny Museums in the New Mediascape: Transmedia, Participation, Ethics
Call #: PHUH.08497.BK
Published: London and New York, Routledge, 2016

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