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Grama, Emanuela Socialist Heritage: The Politics of Past and Place in Romania
Call #: PSSA.10102.BK
Published: Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 2019
Rothberg, Michael The Implicated Subject: Beyond Victims and Perpetrators
Call #: PSSA.10101.BK
Published: Stanford, Stanford University Press, 2019
Heller, Agnes The Concept of the Beautiful
Call #: PSSA.10040.BK
Published: Lexington Books, 2012
Višnić, Emina, Dragojević, Sanjin A Bottom-Up Approach to Cultural Policy-Making
Call #: PSSA.10031.BK
Published: Amsterdam, Bucharest, Zagreb, policiesforculture, 2008
Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich Our Broad Present: Time and Contemporary Culture
Call #: PSSA.09941.BK
Published: New York, Columbia University Press, 2014

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