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Veillon, Dominique Fashion Under the Occupation
Call #: HIEL.05086.BK
Published: Oxford, New York, Berg, 2002
Reagin, Nancy R. Sweeping the German Nation: Domesticity and National Identity in Germany, 1870-1945
Call #: HIEL.05085.BK
Published: New York, Cambridge University Press, 2007
Buchli, Victor An Archaeology of Socialism (Materializing Culture)
Call #: HIEL.05034.BK
Published: Oxford, New York, Berg, 1999
Castillo, Greg Cold War on the Home Front: The Soft Power of Midcentury Design
Call #: HIEL.05009.BK
Published: London, University of Minnesota Press, 2010
Bullock, Nicholas, Read, James The Movement for Housing Reform in Germany and France, 1840-1914
Call #: HIEL.04973.BK
Published: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011
Hayden, Dolores The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs for American Homes, Neighborhoods and Cities
Call #: HIEL.04966.BK
Published: London, Cambridge, Massachusetts, The MIT Press, 1982

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