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Hrymych, Halyna Usna istoriya sela Tarasovychi: (1940-1950-i rr.)
Call #: HIEL.05665.BK
Published: Kyyiv, Duliby, 2013
Borysenko, Valentyna Kultura povsyakdennya sela Khyzhyntsi (1950-1960-i rr.)
Call #: HIEL.05664.BK
Published: Kyyiv, Duliby, 2014
Zaklynska, Osypa Nova kukhnya vitaminova. Repryntne vidtvorennya vydannya 1928 roku
Call #: HIEL.05634.BK
Published: Kyyiv, Bohuslavknyha, 2013
Lethbridge, Lucy Servants: A Downstairs View of Twentieth-century Britain
Call #: HIEL.05595.BK
Published: London, New Delhi, New York, Sydney, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013
Augoyard, Jean-Francois Step by Step: Everyday Walks in a French Urban Housing Project
Call #: HIEL.05581.BK
Published: Minneapolis, London, University of Minnesota Press, 2007
Miller, Daniel The Comfort of Things
Call #: HIEL.05542.BK
Published: Polity Press, 2009
Gumbrekht Hans, Ulrykh Pokhvala sportyvniy krasi
Call #: HIEL.05520.BK
Published: Kyyiv, Dukh i litera, 2012
West, Sally I Shop in Moscow: Advertising and the Creation of Consumer Culture in Late Tsarist Russia
Call #: HIEL.05450.BK
Published: Illinois, Northern Illinois University Press, 2011

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