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Reysner, Larysa Front
Call #: HGSW.09734.BK
Published: Moskva, Common place, 2018
Vlasov, Konstantyn Voyna hlazamy kharkovskoho podrostka
Call #: HGSW.09733.BK
Published: Kharkov, Lytera Nova, 2019
Bakhuryn, Yuryy Front y tyl Velykoy voyny
Call #: HGSW.09732.BK
Published: Moskva, Pyatyy Rym, 2019
Plokhy, Serhii Yalta: The Price of Peace
Call #: HGSW.09661.BK
Published: Penguin Books, 2011
Manley, Rebecca To the Tashkent Station: Evacuation and Survival in the Soviet Union at War
Call #: HGSW.09658.BK
Published: Ithaca, London, Cornell University Press, 2009
Aleksiyevych, Svitlana Ostanni svidky. Solo dytyachoho holosu
Call #: HGSW.09608.BK
Published: Kyyiv, Dukh i Litera, 2016
Drapac, Vesna, Pritchard, Gareth Resistance and Collaboration in Hitler's Empire
Call #: HGSW.09420.BK
Published: Red Globe Press, 2017
Fu, Poshek Passivity, Resistance, and Collaboration: Intellectual Choices in Occupied Shanghai, 1937-1945
Call #: HGSW.09418.BK
Published: Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1993

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