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Barber, Benjamin R. If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities
Call #: UHGE.09619.BK
Published: New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2013
Dennison, Tracy The Institutional Framework of Russian Serfdom
Call #: UHRU.09618.BK
Published: Cambridge University Press, 2011
Whyte, Iain Boyd, Frisby, David (eds.) Metropolis Berlin: 1880–1940
Call #: UHDE.09616.BK
Published: University of California Press, 2012
Wakeman, Rosemary Practicing Utopia: An Intellectual History of the New Town Movement
Call #: UHGE.09612.BK
Published: Chicago and London, University of Chicago Press, 2016
Hughes, Thomas P. Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, 1880-1930
Call #: UHGE.09610.BK
Published: Baltimore and London, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993

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