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Odnopozov, Ihor Zhaduyuchy Vynohradar
Call #: UHUA.09831.BK
Published: Kyyiv, 2018
Odnopozov, Ihor, Kononyuk, Dar'ya Kurenivka zblyzka
Call #: UHUA.09830.BK
Published: Kyyiv, 2019
Rykhlo, Petro, Lyubkivskyy, Oleh Literaturne misto Chernivtsi
Call #: UHUA.09821.BK
Published: Chernivtsi, Druk-Art, 2010
Jordan, Michael, Judd, Kelly Louise Urban Arboreal: A Modern Glossary of City Trees
Call #: UHGE.09814.BK
Published: London, White Lion Publishing, 2018
Ruder, Cynthia A. Building Stalinism: The Moscow Canal and the Creation of Soviet Space
Call #: UHRU.09811.BK
Published: London, New York, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
Melosi, Martin A. (ed.) Urban Public Policy: Historical Modes and Methods
Call #: UHUS.09793.BK
Published: University Park, Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005
Peters, Olaf (ed.) Berlin Metropolis 1918-1933
Call #: UHDE.09790.BK
Published: Munich, London, New York, Prestel, 2015

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