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Parkhurst Ferguson, Priscilla Paris as Revolution: Writing the Nineteenth-Century City
Call #: UHFR.08117.RE
Published: Berkeley, Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1995
Call #: UHFR.08010.BK
Rudolph, Nicole At Home in Postwar France: Modern Mass Housing and the Right to Comfort
Call #: UHFR.07919.BK
Published: New York, Berghahn Books, 2015
Sante, Luc The Other Paris
Call #: UHFR.07284.BK
Published: New York, Straus and Giroux, 2015
Wakeman, Rosemary Modernizing the Provincial City: Toulouse 1945-1975
Call #: UHFR.06013.BK
Published: Cambridge, London, Harvard University Press, 1998
Wakeman, Rosemary The Heroic City. Paris, 1945-1958
Call #: UHFR.04635.BK
Published: Chicago, London, University of Chicago Press, 2009
Spang, Rebecca L. The Invention of the Restaurant. Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture
Call #: UHFR.04614.BK
Published: Cambridge, London, Harvard University Press, 2001
Beevor, Antony, Cooper, Artemis Paris After the Liberation. 1944-1949
Call #: UHFR.04549.BK
Published: London, Penguin, 2007

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