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Harvey, David City to the Lickeys: A Nostalgic Journey by Tram and Bus
Call #: UHUK.02360.BK
Published: Gloucestershire, The History Press, 2010
Harvey, David Maypole to the City: A Nostalgic Journey
Call #: UHUK.02359.BK
Published: Gloucestershire, Tempus, 2007
Briggs, Asa Victorian Cities
Call #: UHUK.01794.BK
Published: Barkeley, University of California Press, 1993
Kidd, Alan Manchester
Call #: UHUK.01420.BK
Published: Lancaster, Alden Press, 2008
Lively, Penelope City of the Mind
Call #: UHUK.01199.BK
Published: Harmondsworth, Penguin books, 1991
Picard, Liza Victorian london. The Life of a City, 1840-1870
Call #: UHUK.01125.BK
Published: London, Wiedenfeld and Nicolson, 2005
Singlair, Iain (ed.) London. City of Disappearances
Call #: UHUK.00893.BK
Published: Penguin Books, 2006
Ackroyd, Peter London. The Biography
Call #: UHUK.00868.BK
Published: London, Vintage, 2000
Hunt, Tristram Building Jerusalem. The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City
Call #: UHUK.00789.BK
Published: New York, Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, 2005
Whitehand, J. W. R The Making of the Urban Landscape
Call #: UHUK.00268.BK
Published: Oxford, Blackwell, 1993

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