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Tomory, Leslie The History of the London Water Industry, 1580-1820
Call #: UHUK.09476.BK
Published: Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017
Hwang, Haewon London's Underground Spaces: Representing the Victorian City, 1840-1915
Call #: UHUK.09030.BK
Published: Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2013
Campkin, Ben Remaking London: Decline and Regeneration in Urban Culture
Call #: UHUK.08921.BK
Published: London and New York, I.B.Tauris, 2013
Corfield, Penelope J. Power and the Professions in Britain 1700-1850
Call #: UHUK.08903.BK
Published: New Haven and London, Routledge, 1999
Chalupský, Petr A Horror and a Beauty: The World of Peter Ackroyd's London Novels
Call #: UHUK.08578.BK
Published: Prague, Karolinum Press, Charles University, 2016
Grindrod, John Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain
Call #: UHUK.07848.BK
Published: Brecon, Old Street Publishing, 2013
Howard, Jean E. Theater of a City: The Places of London Comedy, 1598-1642
Call #: UHUK.06451.BK
Published: Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009
Broich, John London: Water and the Making of the Modern City
Call #: UHUK.04988.BK
Published: Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013

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