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Fehérváry, Krisztina Politics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in Hungary
Call #: UHHU.07898.BK
Published: Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 2013
Olszański, Tadeusz Budapeszteńskie ABC
Call #: UHHU.07281.BK
Published: Warszawa, Iskry, 1968
Bodnár, Judit Fin de Millénaire Budapest: Metamorphoses of Urban Life
Call #: UHHU.06116.RE
Published: Minneapolis, London, University of Minnesota Press, 2000
Nemes, Robert The Once and Future Budapest
Call #: UHHU.05452.BK
Published: Illinois, Northern Illinois University Press, 2005
Gyani, Gabor Identity and the Urban Experience: fin-de-siecle Budapest
Call #: UHHU.01608.RE
Published: Wayne, Center for Hungerian Studies, 2004
Deak, Erno Das stadewesen der lander der ungarischen krone
Call #: UHHU.01402.BK
Published: Wien, Verlag der osterreichischen akademie der Wissenschaften, 1989
Kovats, Andras (ed.) Roma Migration. Migration Among the Roma Population in Hungary
Call #: UHHU.01290.BK
Published: Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Minority Research, 2002
Kallai, Erno The Gypsies/The Roma in Hungarian Society
Call #: UHHU.01284.BK
Published: Budapest, Regio, 2002
Bodnar, Judit Fin de Millénaire Budapest: Metamorphoses of Urban Life
Call #: UHHU.01172.BK
Published: Minneapolis, Minneapolis University Press, 2001

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