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Perloff, Marjorie Ostrze ironii. Modernizm w cieniu monarchii habsburskiej
Call #: UHAT.09677.BK
Published: Wrocław, Wydawnictwo Ossolineum, 2018
Perloff, Marjorie Edge of Irony: Modernism in the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire
Call #: UHAT.09389.BK
Published: Chicago and London, The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Weinberger, Jill Knight Vienna Voices: A Traveler Listens To the City of Dreams
Call #: UHAT.09332.BK
Published: West Lafayette, Parlor Press, 2006
Gebaut: 2010 – 2015. Ausstellung der Magistratsabteilung 19
Call #: UHAT.09005.BK
Published: Wien, Magistrat der Stadt Wien, 2015
Meissner, Astrid Wien - früher und heute
Call #: UHAT.08810.BK
Published: Köln, Komet, 2009
Drunen van, Jeroen "A Sanguine Bunch". Regional identification in Habsburg Bukovina, 1774-1919
Call #: UHAT.07021.BK
Published: Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Pegasus, 2015

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