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Von Buttlar, Adrian Neues Museum Berlin: Architectural Guide
Call #: UHDE.09663.BK
Published: Berlin, Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2010
Whyte, Iain Boyd, Frisby, David (eds.) Metropolis Berlin: 1880–1940
Call #: UHDE.09616.BK
Published: University of California Press, 2012
Bingham, John Weimar Cities: The Challenge of Urban Modernity in Germany, 1919-1933
Call #: UHDE.09576.BK
Published: London, New York, Routledge, 2014
Weitz, Eric D. Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy
Call #: UHDE.09191.BK
Published: Princeton and Oxford, Princeton University Press, 2013
Ettinger-Brinckman, Barbara Deutsches Architektenblatt №03, 2014
Call #: UHDE.09023.PE
Published: Düsseldorf, Bundesarchitektenkammer, 2014
Dresden: High-Tech and Baroque
Call #: UHDE.08996.BL
Published: Dresden, Landeshauptstadt Dresden, 1997
Hake, Sabine Topographies of Class: Modern Architecture and Mass Society in Weimar Berlin
Call #: UHDE.08926.BK
Published: University of Michigan Press, 2008

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