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Ylf, Aleksandra Dom, mylyy dom... Kak zhyly v Moskve Ylf y Petrov
Call #: UHRU.06353.BK
Published: Moskva, Lomonosov, 2013
Kadyo, Zhyulet Laboratoryya ymperyy: Rossyya/SSSR, 1860-1940
Call #: UHRU.06352.BK
Published: Moskva, Novoe lyteraturnoe obozrenye, 2010
Herrlinger, Page Working Souls: Russian Orthodoxy and Factory Labor in St. Petersburg 1881-1917
Call #: UHRU.06270.BK
Published: Bloomington, Indiana, Slavica Pub, 2008
Martin, Alexander M. Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855
Call #: UHRU.06223.BK
Published: Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013
Ruble, Blair A. Leningrad: Shaping a Soviet City
Call #: UHRU.06123.RE
Published: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oxford, University of California Press, 1990
Colton, Timothy J. Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis
Call #: UHRU.06122.RE
Published: Cambridge, London, Harvard University Press, 1996
White, Anne Small-Town Russia: Postcommunist Livelihoods and Identities
Call #: UHRU.06121.RE
Published: London, New York, Routledge, 2004
Bater, James H. Soviet City: Ideal and Reality
Call #: UHRU.06120.RE
Published: SAGE Publications Ltd, 1980
Konecny, Peter Builders and Deserters: Students, State, and Community in Leningrad, 1917-1941
Call #: UHRU.06119.RE
Published: Montreal, London, Ithaca, Mcgill Queens University Press, 1999
French, R. Antony Plans, Pragmatism and People: Legacy of Soviet Planning for Today's Cities
Call #: UHRU.06118.RE
Published: Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995

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