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Kelly, Catriona St Petersburg: Shadows of the Past
Call #: UHRU.08357.BK
Published: New Haven, London, Yale University Press, 2016
Gorsuch, Anne E., Koenker, Diane Turizm: The Russian and East European Tourist Under Capitalism and Socialism
Call #: UHRU.08351.BK
Published: Ithaca, London, Cornell University Press, 2006
Dobrenko, Evgeny, Naiman, Eric The Landscape of Stalinism: The Art and Ideology of Soviet Space
Call #: UHRU.08156.RE
Published: Seattle, London, University of Washington Press, 2003
Fainsod, Merle Smolensk Under Soviet Rule
Call #: UHRU.08154.RE
Published: Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1958
Becker, Seymour Nobility and Privilege in Late Imperial Russia
Call #: UHRU.08134.BK
Published: DeKalb, Northern Illinois University Press, 1988
Husband, William Godless Communists: Atheism and Society in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932
Call #: UHRU.08133.BK
Published: Northern Illinois University Press, 2002

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