Lviv Streets

The purpose of the theme is to collect, systematize and publish information about the streets of Lviv - the history of their emergence and further construction, the most interesting objects, monuments or regular stone buildings located on them, people who used to live there and events that took place on their cobble stones or asphalt tops...

There are over 1300 streets in Lviv, tens of thousands of buildings and about 750 thousand inhabitants. It is obviously not possible to present all of this simultaneously. The interactive map of Lviv will gradually be filled with conventional signs containing references to texts about the streets and stone buildings of Lviv as well as their images. The collection of information will take place through the use of books, directories, the mass media and archive materials, personal research, old and modern iconographic and cartographic materials, memoirs of former inhabitants and conversations with our contemporaries.

Special attention will be paid to not only well-known streets and objects of the central part of the city, but to its outskirts as well, information about which is still not sufficiently available to the broader public.

All who desire to take part in the theme are welcome to participate via sending and bringing all related materials, their own observations and proposals related to filling the interactive map of Lviv.

The theme was be carried out by the editor of the "Halytska Brama" magazine, Ihor Melnyk, and employees of the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

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