Urban Space in Practice of Mass Events

This microproject aims at collecting and analyzing materials that illustrate the practice of the use of urban space during diverse political, religious and cultural mass events. These materials allow us to trace how the understanding of the city as urban space by its inhabitants changed throughout time because of the change of the political context as well as because certain radical political ideas became more or less popular.

The object of  study are particular events in the life of the city, such as religious procession, political demonstration, the welcoming ceremony to a particular public figure or an unveiling of a monument.  The main source is contemporary urban press, where the aim is to cover as wide spectrum of periodicals as possible.

This microproject is an integral part of project Lviv Interactive: completed research is displayed on the map in junction with related objects, and the course of historical events is thereby presented dynamically.

The author of the microproject is Nazar Kis’, Junior Research Fellow, New History of Ukraine branch of the Ivan Krypjakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the National Scientific Academy of Ukraine