Lviv personalities

The analysis of life and activity of the city’s main personalities such as politicians, historians, public figures, industrialists, journalists, architects and artists is an integral part of the research in urban history. The connection between these personalities and their epochs becomes particularly meaningful in the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century when, due to their activity the image and idea of the modern city was constructed.

This is particularly visible in architecture: the buildings and other structures are seen, designed and restored in a complex way, in combination of different professions such as architecture, fine arts and applied arts, and not only architects and artists, but often also politicians, historians, public figures, industrialists and others take part in this process. Later on, these buildings host important urban institutions and become witnesses of diverse celebrations and events. Therefore one should also research them in a complex way, as a join product of work by different layers of the urban society. Using such an approach to academic research a personality gets devoid of an abstraction of a surname while her or his biography, record of her or his activity and the place of a particular monument become integral parts of this history.

The aim of this project therefore is to make available to a wider online audience the main data about the personalities who figure in other projects of the Center. The data provided per each person consists of main life dates, professional education, environment, life activities, places of memory and bibliography.

The project is conducted by art historian Halyna Glembotska.