The project aims to reconstruct a map of literary life of Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews in relation to Lviv's topography. The map is defined as "imaginary" as the main sources for its reconstruction were the memoirs of the men of letters. They offer a certain organic corpus of facts, the combination of which produces a generalized subjective picture of the processes. 
The purpose of the project is to present in "Lviv Interactive" map the features and the main points of the historical development of several areas of the north-eastern part of the city, united under Pidzamche name.
The aim of this project is to make available to a wider online audience the main data about the personalities who figure in other projects of the Center. The data provided per each person consists of main life dates, professional education, environment, life activities, places of memory and bibliography.
This microproject aims at collecting and analyzing materials that illustrate the practice of the use of urban space during diverse political, religious and cultural mass events.
The aim of this project is to collect oral testimonies from Lviv inhabitants, and on the basis of those testimonies to trace the changes that took place in particular streets and districts of the city during the second half of the twentieth century.
Around Staroyevreiska project aims to accumulate a database of scholarly elaborations of archival and bibliographical data, live research, as well as visual (videorecordings, photogallery, graphic materials) and verbal (interviews) information.