The grand opening celebration of the monument to Adam Mickiewicz

The grand opening celebration of the monument to Adam Mickiewicz began on October 29, 1904 with a concert by the Musical Society in the city theater. On the following day the celebration continued with a worship service in the Latin Cathedral. The Service was led by the archbishop J. Bilczewski and fathers Zablocki, Zajсhowski, and Sapieha. Father Glonb preached the sermon. The cathedral choir sang during the service under the direction of H. Jarecki. Counts A. Potocki and S. Badeni, as well as W. Mickiewicz took part in the service. At the same time services were held in the Armenian Church, under the direction of archbishop Teodorovych, at the synagogue, and at the evangelical church.

The opening ceremony of the monument began at 12:00 pm. On the stage, built in front of the monument, were Count Stanislaw Badeni, archbishops Josef Bilczewski and Weber, Count Leon Pininski, and Wladislaw Mickiewicz. After the cantata by Stanislaw Newyadomski – who directed the choir of the vocal musical society of Lviv, the ceremonial speeches began: The first to speak was the head of the Building Committee, B. Radzishewski. During his speech the monument was opened for view to the public. The next speech was by the president of the city, G. Malachowski. He pointed out the importance of erecting a monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Lviv, saying that “now this city has honored the great poet in no worse way than Krakow and Warsaw.” In his speech he thanked those who contributed to the building of the monument. After the singing of the Polish National Anthem, Michal Rolle read the Memorial Decree.

The ceremony was completed with a ceremonial parade of Lviv's citizens to the monument, in which 87 societies participated (TSDIAU, ф.58, оп. 1, спр. 5, Pg. 1–7

A ceremonial banquet for the most important guests of the grand opening was held at 3 pm at the city casino on Akademichniy street. At the same time, the building of the "Skala" society was the location of a reception for villagers – a humble lunch and a vocal-instrumental evening; and the First Israeli Citizen’s Kitchen organized free lunches from 12-2 pm (Gazeta Lwowska. 1904. Nr. 248. October 29, Pg. 4; KurierLwowski. 1904. Nr. 300. October 29, Pg. 3).

A gathering of school children around the Adam Mickiewicz column took place at 4 pm. After the parade to the monument, memorial evenings dedicated to the poet were held at Lviv schools.

At 5 pm the wreaths were ceremonially moved from the monument to the building of the city's ArtisanArt Museum. The plays "Feudal Lords Confederates" and "Witch" were performed that evening at the city theater.

At 9 pm that evening a reception was held at the city hall. Guests were greeted by the city's president, Godzimir Malachowski and his wife (Gazeta Lwowska. 1904. Nr.250. November 1, Pp. 2–4; Nr. 251. November 3, Pp. 4–5; Kurier Lwowski. 1904. Nr. 302).



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  • The text is an abbreviation and expansion based on the master’s thesis of Roman Masyk, Monuments of Lviv from the Second Half of the 19th Century through the 1980’s