Grants 2012

In 2012 after the competition the Center of Urban History awarded one grant in conjunction with the IWM's fellowship program and four grants for month-long residence at the Center for Urban History.

Grant Recipients:

I. Grant of the Center for Urban History and the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna

  1. Dr. Anton Shekhovtsov. Ph.D (kandidat nauk) in Political Science, Black Sea State University. Project title: "Ideology of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists in the European Context"

ІІ. Research Grants for Residence in Lviv

  1. Annabelle Chapman. Postgraduate Student, St. Anthony's College, Oxford. Project title: "Lviv and the ‘Return to Europe’ after 1991"
  2. Damian Markowski. Postgraduate Student, Department of History, University of Warsaw. Project title: "The Birth of Soviet Lviv. From the Life of the City 1944-1949"
  3. Dr. Irina Gordeeva. Docent of the Department of Russian History, History and Archives Institute, Russian State University for the Humanities. Project title: "The Lviv Group Doviria"
  4. Marcin Gaczkowski. Postgraduate Student, Institute of History, Wroclaw University. Project title: "The Urban Space of Lviv as a Territory of Ukrainian-Polish Political Competition in 1928"