Grants Program 2019

In 2019, the Center for Urban History awarded five grants for one-month research stays in Lviv. Four scholars were invited to the Center for two weeks as guest researchers, and four scholarships were provided as a part of the Center's projects related to the digital history.

I. Residence Grant Recipients
  1. Dmitry Halavach (Princeton University) "Reshaping Nations: Population Politics and Sovietization in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderlands, 1944-1948"
  2. Kateryna Malaia (Wisconsin-Milwaukee University) "Domestic Space in the Times of Change: The Collapse of the USSR, 1985-2000s"
  3. Anastasiya Halauniova (Amsterdam University) "Aesthetic Valuation and Aesthetic. Transformations of Architecture in Cities with a Repossessed Past in Poland and Lithuania"
  4. Elżbieta Kwiecińska (European Institute in Florence) "When Empire Meets Architecture. The Concept of the "Polish Civilizing Mission’ and Lviv’s architecture and Urban Space (1867-1939)"
  5. Yulia Yagodka (National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use, Rivne) "Policy of II Polish Republic in the Field of Developing Architectural Environment of Small Towns in Volyn (Interwar Period)"
II. Guest Researchers
  1. Jovana Knežević (Stanford University) "Everyday Life in Habsburg Occupied Belgrade during the First World War"
  2. Mara Marginean (Romanian Academy) "Entangled Neighborhoods of Youth. Approaches to Housing for Young Urban Workers in Late Socialist Romania (1970-1990)"
  3. Kamil Śmiechowski (University of Łódź) "Urban Question" in East Central Europe in the Early 20th Century"
  4. Valentyna Shevchenko (Institute of History of the NAS of Ukraine) "Shaping of Public Space of a Modern City in Ukraine (Second Half of the 19th Century – early 20th Century)"
  5. Anastasia Bozhenko (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University) "Shaping of Urban Lifestyles in the Second Half of the 19th - Early 20th Century (as Illustrated by the City of Kharkiv)"
III. Digital Urban History Residence Grant
  1. Karina Hoření (Charles University in Prague) "Educational Materials as a Part of Lviv Interactive Project"
  2. Waitman Wade Beorn (Virginia University) "The Janowska Camp"
  3. Mišo Kapetanović (Rijeka University) "Postsocialist Landscape: Informal Construction in Lviv Region, Ukraine"
  4. Stanislaw Tsalyk (scriptwriter, author of historical texts for BBC), Oleg Chorny (film director, scriptwriter, and media artist) "Michal Waszynski in Lviv"