Grants Program 2016

In 2016, the Center for Urban History awarded five grants for one-month research stays in Lviv. Six scholars were invited to the Center for two weeks as guest researchers.

Grant Recipients:

I. Residence Grant Recipients

  1. Sarah Ellen Zarrow (New York University, USA). "Collecting Themselves: Jewish Collection and Display in Interwar Poland".
  2. Oleksandra Gaidai (History of Kyiv Museum, Ukraine). "Engineering Intelligentsia in the 1970-1980 (As Illustrated by Vinnytsia Design Engineering Bureau CEBET)".
  3. Ewa Bukowska-Marczak (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland): "Relations between Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish Students in Higher Educational Establishments of the Interwar Lviv (1918-1939)".
  4. Michal Mlynarz (University of Toronto, Canada). "The Socio-Cultural Impact of the Post-World War II Mass Population Movements on Urban Space and Identity in the Polish Borderlands: A Comparative Analysis of Jelenia Góra and Drohobych".
  5. Kamil Ruszała (Jagiellonian University, Poland). "Galicia and Bukovina Refugees in the World War I and Their Situation in a New Urban Space of Moravia, Czech Republic and Austria".

II. Guest Researchers

  1. Piotr Jakub Fereński (Wroclaw University, Poland). "Visual and Audio Organization of Urban Space. Lviv and Its Pidzamche Area".
  2. Alexandra Wachter (University of London, UK). "Lviv. War Museum".
  3. Irina Zora Leimbacher (Keene State College, USA). "The History of the Groedel Family and the Forest Industry in Skole (mid 1880-1939)".
  4. Paul Vickers (Justus-Liebig-Universität, Germany). "Changing Urban Ideals: Urban Planning, Heritage and Future Utopias in Zamość and Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanisławów/Stanislau/Stanislav) since 1772".
  5. Victoria Donovan (University of St. Andrews, UK). "History at the Coalface: Migrant Flows between Britain and the Donbas".
  6. Harald R. Stühlinger (ETH‐Zurich, Switzerland). "The Image of Modernization, Urban Development and Urban Imagery in Lviv in the 19th Century".