Grants Program 2015

In 2015, the Center for Urban History awarded five grants for one-month research stays in Lviv. Five scholars were invited to the Center for two weeks as guest researchers. In cooperation with the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna one candidate was selected for a ten-month fellowship at the Institute in 2015-2016 academic year.

Grant Recipients:

I. Fellowship Program of the Center for Urban History and the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna

  1. Valeria Korabliova (Habilitation (D. Sci.) Philosophy of Humanities Department, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). Euromaidan as the Trace of "Equaliberty" Recapitulation of Modern European Values.

II. Residence Grant Program at the Center for Urban History
  1. Monika Biesaga (Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University in Cracow). The Jewish Public Libraries Movement in Galicia in the Interwar Period.
  2. Katharina Haberkorn (PhD student, The Faculty of Central European Studies at Andrássy University Budapest). Features of Commemoration after WWI in Bukovyna.
  3. Yevheniy Manzhurin (PhD student, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg). Symbolic Development of Soviet Space: Soviet Urban Symbols (1964-1985) and their Creators.
  4. Dorothea Warneck (PhD student, Martin-Luther University Halle, Wittenberg). The Origin of Jewish Museums before the Second World War. Polish and Czechoslovakian Specifics and Historical Conditions of a European Phenomenon.
  5. Dr. Jagoda Irena Wierzejska (The Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw). The Deconstruction of the Concept of Transnational Convergence. The Concept of Halychyna in the Polish Discourse about the Polish-Ukrainian War of 1918-1919, Particularly Regarding the Battle for Lviv.

III. Guest Researchers

  1. Dr. Mikhail Ilchenko (Institute of Philosophy and Law at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg). Avant-garde Architecture in the Urban Space of Lviv of 1920-1930: Social Meanings and Everyday Practices.
  2. Dr. Olha Kazakova (Institute of Modernism, Moscow). The Memorialization of the Tragedy at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, Russia and Other countries.
  3. Dr. Uku Lember (Tallinn University). "Conflict and Conviviality in Ukrainian Marriages between "East" and "West".
  4. Prof. Karol Sanojca (Institute of History of the University of Wroclaw). School Architecture in the Urban Space of Lviv in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
  5. Dr. Tetiana Vodotyka (Institute of History of Ukraine, Kyiv). "Entrepreneurs on Social Frontier Towns of the Late Nineteenth - Early Twentieth Centuries: Comparative Aspects on the Example of Kyiv and Lviv."