Grants Program 2014

In 2014, the Center for Urban History chose one participant of the fellowship program, in cooperation with the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna, and four grantees of the Center for the Residence Grant in Lviv. Five scholars were invited to the Center for two-week stays as guest researchers.

Grant Recipients:

I. Fellowship Program of the Center for Urban History and the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna

  1. Dr Svitlana Potapenko. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Sources Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Research topic: "The Elite of Sloboda Ukraine and the Russian Empire-Building: Integration and Transformation".
II. Residence Grant Program at the Center for Urban History
  1. Ewa Nizinska. PhD student, History Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences."Interwar Sambir from the Perspective of a Historian and a Witness of the Past".
  2. Dr Kseniya Kuzina. Slavic History Department at the Donetsk National University. "The Commonalities and Particularities in Shaping the Mentality of the Inhabitants of Mining Cities in the Donetsk and Lviv-Volyn Basins (1950-1980s)".
  3. Ofer Dynes. PhD student, research fellow, Center for Jewish History, New York. "Cryptology and Espionage in Lemberg or the Secret History of Modern Jewish Prose".
  4. Anastasia Felcher. PhD student, IMT Alti Studi Lucca, Italy. "Lviv as UNESCO Heritage Site: Cultural Policies, Heritage Condition and Value Creation within and outside the Historic Center".
  5. Dr. Yehor Vradiy. Humanities Department of the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy. "Eastern European Cities at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century as an Srena of Political Radicalism".

III. Guest Researchers

  1. Anton Kotenko. PhD student, Central European University, Budapest. "Lviv as a part of Ukraine, 1848-1914".
  2. Dr Malgorzata Radkiewicz. Institute of Audio Visual Arts, Jagellonian University, Krakow. "Urban Life in Photographs of Former Galicia 1861-1939".
  3. Prof. Steven Seegel. Department of History, University of  Northern Colorado. "Map Wars: Transnational Lives and Deaths of Geographers in the Making of East Central Europe".
  4. Dr. Tomasz Dywan. Institute of History, University of Wroclaw. "Lviv's Urban Infrastructure in the Nineteenth Century (1860-1918)".
  5. Dr. Pawel Kubicki. Institute for European Studies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. "Reconstruction of Memory in Central European Cities: Comparison of Lviv and Wroclaw".