Grants 2009

In 2009 the Center funded four Research Grants, one Short-Term Grant and three month-long Residence Grants.

The Research Grants competition considered projects, dealing with one of the following subjects:

  • Urban-rural relations and social transformation of urban settlements in Ukraine
  • Social and cultural impact of workers’ migration on urban and rural settlements of East Central Europe

2009 Grant Recipients:

     I Research Grants   

  1. Dr. Victoria Konstantynova. Lecturer at the Chair for Ukrainian History, Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. Research topic: "At Home among Others, Others at Home? Northern Azov City-dwellers' Perceptions of Migrant Villagers, and their Place in the Social Fabric of Cities in the First Third of the Twentieth Century"
  2. Oleksandr Obchenko. Lecturer of History and Philosophy at the Kharkiv Machine Construction College. Doctoral Candidate at the Institute for Ukrainian Studies in Kyiv. Research topic: "Sociocultural Transformation of the Sloboda-Ukrainian Provinces in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century"
  3. Dr. Tetiana Portnova. Junior Fellow at the Chair for Historiography, Source and Archival Studies, Department of History, Dnipropetrovsk National University. Research topic: "Village Emigrants in the Large Industrial City: The Case of Katerynoslav in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century"
  4. Antonina Skydanova. Lecturer at Karazin University in Kharkiv. Research topic: "Economic and Sociocultural Aspects of Trade Relations Between the Ukrainian City and Village in the Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century"

    II Short-term Travel and Research Grants 

  1. 1. Dr. Oksana Hodovanska. Fellow at the Contemporary Ethnology Department at the Ethnographic Institute of the National Academy of Sciences branch in Lviv. Research topic: "Ethnic Identity of "Fourth-wave" Ukrainian Worker-migrants"

    III Residence Grants

  1. Viacheslav Hipich. Lecturer at the Machine Construction College, Donbas State Machine Construction Academy. Research topic: "Early Modern Urban Literature of Lviv in Nineteenth-century Historiography"
  2. Dr. Jerzy Mazur. Teaching Fellow (Assistant Professor) at the National Foundation of Jewish Culture, Towson University, Maryland Publishing project. Research topic: "Border-Jews. Jewish Life in Late Medieval and Early Modern Lviv"
  3. Kateryna Ruban. Doctoral Student at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Research topic: "Lviv’s Intellectual Space from the Late Soviet to the Post-Soviet Period"