Residence Grant Application 2018/2019

Welcome to apply for the research residencies of the Center for Urban History 2018–2019.

The program includes

  • five monthly residencies for junior researchers who work on their doctoral or post-doctoral theses.
  • five two-week residencies for experienced researchers who run long-term projects.
  • three monthly residencies in digital urban history, in partnership with the Lviv Interactive project

The Center accepts applications for research referring to broad interpretation of urban history as a study discipline that combines different approaches and discussions in humanities to study urban communities and cultures. Preference will be given to topics related to the Center’s research focus, such as multi-ethnic cities, urbanization and imperial peripheries; city, war and crucial changes in the 20th century, planned socialist cities, cultural practices and environments; urban memory and heritage, commemorative practices and urban spaces; or public history. Residencies in digital urban history imply cooperation with the Center’s project "Lviv Interactive". The project is an online encyclopaedia representing the history of Lviv through places and spaces. The researchers are expected to show interest in preparing materials for the project with the focus on spatial aspects of Lviv and to use digital methods in their research.

The residencies are designed for researchers in humanities from different countries of the world dealing with 19th-20th century Eastern Europe with the focus on a city. At the moment of application, a researcher shall have certain preliminary work done and understanding shaped of what the research in Lviv is supposed to be like, and which resources of the Center and other academic institutions are required to conduct the research. The projects on the initial stage of development will not be prioritized during the selection procedure.

The researchers will get the work place in the office of the Center, with access to all resources of the institution (library, media archive, studies), and administrative support. The Center will help establish communication with Lviv academic institutions and communities, and empower junior researchers to discuss their projects during the Urban Workshop at the Center, while the seasoned researchers will have a chance to present their research works for broader audiences during a public lecture.


The grant means accommodation in the guest rooms of the Centre for a period of one month or two weeks, located on the same premises as the Institute. Conveniently situated in the heart of Lviv, the Center is a short walk from the city’s archives and libraries. The guest apartment has three separated guest rooms with shared kitchen and facilities. The rooms are fully-equipped to ensure a comfortable stay and provide WiFi access. During the stay at the Center, the grantee gets working space in the office, access to all resources and administrative support.

The grant does not cover travel, living and other expenses.


The residence grants are intended for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Please note that no scholarship is offered to undergraduates and graduates. Pilot research projects are not encouraged. At the time of application, the project should last at least for a year and require access to Lviv archives and libraries.


Applications have to include:

  • Project Description (1000-2000 words) 
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • List of publications 
  • Letter of recommendation by a scholar who is familiar with the applicant’s research (for non-holders of PhD or relevantdegree).

The referee, who recommends a candidate for the grant, should submit their letter of recommendation from their own email, providing contact information in the letter.

Please submit your application to the email Please indicate "Residence Grant Application 2018" in the subject line of your email.

Applications can be submitted in Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian and Belarusian. Only fully completed applications will be accepted.

If you have questions, please contact us via email

Application deadline
March 15, 2018

The selection of candidates will be done by
March 23, 2018

The jury is not required to publicly justify its decisions.

Call for Applications

The Center’s Grants Program has been effective since 2006 and is to encourage international academic exchanges, promote urban studies in Ukraine and advance interdisciplinary approaches, new topics and discussions in studying cities. So far the Centre has welcomed 80 researchers from Ukraine, the United States, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Switzerland and Romania.