The Young Age

Prague, 1920's
"Vyvykh" festival. Lviv city. 1990
1960's. Tennis players.
1950's. Dance pole in The Park of Culture (Lviv). 
1930's. Mountain hike of Lviv gymnasium graduates. 
Author Luibomyr Petrenko with photo of festival "Vyvykh" (on the background)
Tadeusz Rolke are presenting "Youth age" exhibition
At the opening of the exhibition
Exhibition in the Living room cafe
Exhibition in the Living room cafe

From April 25th to August, 13th  the exhibition "The Young Age" was on display at the Cafe-Livingroom and in the conference-hall of the  Center for Urban History. The exhibition is dedicated to retrospective of young people from 10's to 90's of XX century. The exhibition uses some digitized materials of the Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History from the collections of Volodymyr RumiantsevLesya Krypyakevych (courtesy of the archive of Stepan Hayduchok), Maryna Kursanova, Andriy Boyarov (the work by Hruhoriy Porytskyi, the Greg), Nataliya Filevych, Lubomyr Petrenko, Mykhaylo Frantsuzov, Roman VusBorys Yasynovskyi.

Two young ladies with cigarettes wearing slightly rolled over men’s pants are posing for a photo against a wall, with their hands in pockets. They flirt with the image that might be either their own, or the one near to them, or may be even odd. You can’t tell whether it’s serious or in jest.

After several years, young people will look differently again. It is something typical of the 20th century – speed, social transformations and conflicts, new different intense experiences implying perception of the young age as a protest and the chance for a change.

 The exhibition is a selection of photographs from different decades of the 20th century showing how the attributes of the young age are changing. On the other hand, each photo renders similarity of intense and bright experiences. 

What about your perception of the young age?

Exhibit open in Living room cafe and conference hall of Center for Urban History from 09.00 till 20.00 on working days, and from 09.00 to 18.00 on weekend.

Material selection - Oleksandr Makhanets, Assistant of "Urban Media Archive"

All questions concerning the Center’s exhibitions should be addressed to Yevhen Chervony, under