Urban Seminars

20 June 2017 Working with Waste Seminar on Repurposing the Military Industrial Leftovers in a Post-Soviet City
26 May 2017 Memory and Oblivion Urban Seminar on Commemorating Practices for the Perished Soldiers in Soviet Ukraine Overcoming Negative Stereotypes of the Donbas Mono Cities-->
20 April 2017 Regional Television Urban Seminar by Bohdan Shumylovych on the Lviv's Media-Scape in the 1950-80s
5 April 2017 Researching Soviet Research Seminar on the Challenges in Studying Social and Everyday Soviet History
3 April 2017 Sovietization and Polish Jews Urban Seminar on Polish Jewish Responses to the New Soviet Order in 1939
30 March 2017 Anthropology of Space Methodological Seminar of the Department of Social Anthropology Interaction of People and Spaces
28 February 2017 Borderlands Outcasts Urban Semina by Kamil Ruszała on Refugees From Galicia During the First World War
31 January 2017 Lviv Students Urban Seminar on Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Relations Among Students in Lviv in 1918-39
6 December 2016 Engineering Intelligentsia Urban Seminar by Oleksandra Hayday on Work of the Central Design Bureau in Vinnytsia
25 October 2016 Jelenia Góra and Drohobych Michał Młynarz on Demographic and Cultural Re-Configuration of Urban Space After 1945
2 September 2016 Church and The Soviet Government Urban Seminar by Victoria Donovan on Church Heritage in Russia in 1945-1965
25 May 2016 The Women of Lviv and the Great War Urban Seminar by Maryana Baydak on gender space of Lviv during the Great War
13 April 2016 Party Nomenclature in the Ukrainian SSR Yuliya Shelep's Dissertation Research on the Topic of The Soviet Communist Party Nomenklatura in the Ukrainian SSR
16 March 2016 First Jewish Museums Urban Seminar by Dorothea Warneck on the Role of Private Collectors in the Establishment of the First Jewish Museums
18 February 2016 Consumption Culture Urban Seminar on Trade Infrastructure in the 1920s' Kharkiv
3 December 2015 Heritage of Lviv Seminar by Diana Vonnak Religious Buildings and Memory Politics in Lviv
1 October 2015 Workers' Clubs in Kharkiv Urban Seminar on Sovietization of the Workers' Everyday Life
29 June 2015 Miners' Towns Urban Seminar on the Characteristics of Industrial Cities of the Donbas in the 1950-80s
10 April 2015 Soviet Justice Franziska Exeler on the Postwar Litigation Processes in the Soviet Union and International Law
19 March 2015 Ethnic Cartography Prof. Steven Seegel on Ethnic Mapping as a Tool of Modern Practices