Children’s Program
December 14, 2012

From October 6 until December 30, 2012 a children’s program is running at the Center for Urban History as part of its "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology " exhibition. The program intends to reach out to a younger audience and provide them with an opportunity to see the exhibition, as well as to cooperate with various sports complexes in Lviv, and trips to various sports facilities for tours and workshops presented by coaches. Each class of the program has a specific topic in the context of different sports. The goal is to popularize sports among the young children, providing them with an "insider’s perspective."

Over the course of the program so far, tours have taken the participants to the Summer sports training base, the Arena-Lviv stadium, and the Lviv racetrack. The children were given a talk on equestrian sports, and a tour of the hippodrome. Under supervision of a coach, each child could take a ride on a horse. In addition, the children could view the stadium at the sports training base, the pool, the athletics arenawith bicycle tracks, and the sports shooting range. The excursion at the Arena-Lviv was accompanied by a account of its history, and covered the territory from the changing rooms to the stadium’s highest point, and the VIP room.

The program is intended for children ages 7-10. Classes take place every Saturday, from October 6 through December 30. Participation in the program is free of charge, and requires preliminary registration.

The next class will take place on December 14, 2012.

Contact: Khrystyna Boiko (097 20 99 267),


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